Klassically has programs in place in order to give back to our community. The are constant crowd-funding events set up with highly visioned missions that we put in place and with your help we can accomplish them. These events take place on announcement and anyone and everyone is welcome to join us on these events. Please see below for what we have on at the moment:

"There are currently 105,237 people in Australia who are homeless."

"Guys, lets try and make it a good New Year for Sydney's free spirits! We as humans dwell on the worse times in our life more then we do on the good times. Please lets think about those who are going to be out in the cold this New Year and need a nice warm meal and what better than Australia's best, (HSP) Snack Pack.

We are working to obtain a great team of volunteers and our goal is enough to fund a nice large meal with a drink. With all extra funds we will also try and support accomodation, shelter, clothing and maybe try and get a friendly barber to help our Free Spirits out.

Our main mission is to target every single Free Spirit in Sydney. This is not a mission that can be achieved in 1 night so we will work to target those who are living in rough conditions and are not in hostels or supported accomodation to begin with. We will work to incorporate our efforts with similar organisations to ensure extra benefits for those who require it and make trips to supported accommodations also to provide our service.

Every donation is appreciated there is no minimum and we are forever grateful for whatever support can be provided in order to help our buddies in need.

Lets fill our Free Spirits' stomachs with the joy of an enjoyable Snackpack!"