frequently asked questions

+ How do i book a cleaner?

In order to book a cleaner / service, you will need to head to our 'Pricing' tab or click here. From this stage, you will proceed to choose the service type that suits you and pay for it online via our checkout system.

+ are the dates and the times provided guaranteed?

Unfortunately not, in the event we are unable to make it on a date or if the date / time selected is all booked out, we will establish contact with the person whom has completed the booking and arrange an alternative.

+ can i cancel and refund my job if i have already booked it?

Yes we will be able to cancel and refund the job considering you have notified us of this cancellation 12 hours prior to the selected clean date. If we have been notified of this any later, unfortunately a refund is not offered.

+ What sort of cleaning is offered?

You will need to read the descriptions of each service to identify exactly what is being offered. Please be sure to do this as no extras can be added onto any services. Should you have any further tasks / extras for the cleaner that is not offered in the service you have selected, you will need to upgrade the service to one that does offer this.

+ Can I offer the cleaner cash to do extra tasks?

Unfortunately not. Our cleaners will refuse any payments made on the day of the clean for any additional tasks. Should there be any further requirements that are not offered in the package you have selected, you will need to select the service which includes this for the next clean.

+ Can I reschedule a clean?

Yes, this is fine to do considering we have been notified 12 hours before the scheduled clean. If we have been notified any later, you may be subject to a rescheduling fee of $10.00

+ Will the cleaner have all the required cleaning products and accessories?

Yes, our cleaners are equipped with hospital grade chemicals and professional accessories to complete the task at hand. You will not be required to provide any cleaning products unless there has been some sort of fault with the cleaners items.

+ Can I book the same cleaner for the next clean?

Yes, that is completely fine. We have the information on whom cleaned your premises previously. If you decide to book again with us, the cleaner that previously cleaned your premises will automatically be assigned to the job.

+ What happens if i book a service that doesn't apply to my premises?

If you have incorrectly booked a service / chosen a service that doesn't apply to your premises (eg. booked a 1 bedroom clean for a 3 bedroom house) - the cleaner has the power to cancel the job upon arrival and unfortunately no refund will be offered. However, we may upgrade the service to match your premises (which'll include the additional fee to upgrade and a rescheduling fee of $10.00).

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.