Klassically offer a range of different services to fulfil our customers needs

residential services

We offer a variety of services that are designed to clean your premises. The services included are structured to fulfil all of your cleaning requirements with a little bit extra plus the convenience of booking it all online with no hassle or hidden fees. 

The services online for residential cleans consist of 4 cleaning packages: Standard Cleaning Package, Deluxe Cleaning Package, Premium Cleaning Package and the End-of-Lease Cleaning Package. The aforementioned services are applicable to locations that are categorised under the residential title and consist of either 1, 2, 3, 4+ bedrooms. For more information please view our pricing page and follow the prompts. 

Commercial services

If you are looking for a cleaner that is highly experienced in the field of commercial cleaning then that is just another addition to the services that we offer. Again, the simplicity of the booking process is why Klassically's services stand out from other Australian cleaning services. 

Our commercial services include: Office Cleaning and Strata Cleaning.

Amongst the Office Cleaning services, we offer a Standard and Deluxe option depending on your requirements and the strength of clean you were desiring. The Standard service can be looked at as a service that any normal-functioning cleaning service would be provide as a general clean which is why we also offer a Deluxe service to give you the option of a clean that provides that little bit extra just ensure you are completely satisfied.

With an all-rounded, speciality team we also offer the option of a Strata Cleaning and Maintenance service. This is the general commercial service that is offered and if you are struggling to find a reliable, affordable and experienced cleaner in this field then we greet you with open arms and opportunity. Klassically have a team of commercial cleaners are willing to clean commercial properties on demand including unit blocks, office buildings, apartment buildings, roads and construction sites. Unfortunately due to contractual agreements required with these sort of cleans, we offer the option to send us information regarding this sort of service and we will contact you ASAP to have this arranged.